Our core values


Launch Ladder’s success is built on agility. We move fast, and always will. Identifying opportunities and risks, then moving quickly to capitalise is one of the things that makes Think Huge such a dynamic place. Our agility enables us to outpace, and outthink our competitors.

Helping Each Other

As a member of Launch Ladder, we are responsible for making everyone around us better. Whether that’s your manager, a new recruit or a member of another team. We grow as a company through our collective wisdom and support each other without judgement.


We don’t fit in a box, we understand things change and are able to adapt accordingly. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.


We are addicted to growth. The only way to succeed, both in life and as a company, is by constantly growing. We grow our skills, our customer reach, our collaborations, our market share and our revenue - each and every day.

The Benefits

Remote Work

Work from anywhere in the world! Our team is dotted across 20+ counties. We work from converted farm houses, to high-rise apartments, to beach side pads. Work wherever you do your best work.

Shared Success

As our company grows, we reward our staff with regular pay increases and bonuses. As an example, our earlier employees are now earning 5x their starting salary.

Training & Personal Growth

We invest significantly in both external and internal training, providing opportunities for our staff to learn and grow throughout their career with us.

Flexible Hours

Work when you are most productive. If that's morning, night or something in between, we care about getting the job done, not punching a clock. We also offer up to 4 weeks paid leave per year, because everyone needs a break.

Current Openings:

We're always looking for new talent, see our current and upcoming roles below.

Front-End Developer

Experience: 2+ years as a Front-End Developer

Job Description

Our growing suite of websites needs continual improvement and optimisation. We're seeking a talented front-end developer to help grow our existing capabilities by creating beautiful and engaging landing pages that convert clients looking to purchase our products. You'll be working within an existing development team of 4, and be expected to jump from one project to another regularly.

OpenStack Systems Engineer

Experience: 3+ years in back-end development

Job Description

We're seeking a systems engineer with experience configuring, installing, managing, deploying and administering Red Hat Director-deployed Red Hat OpenStack platform.

Creative Copywriter

Experience: 3+ years in online sales

Job Description

We are looking for “Creative Copywriter” whose main responsibility will be to write
engaging content on a daily basis as per company need.

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